The Substance Misuse and Addiction Resource for Tennessee (SMART) Policy Network was created in 2020. SMART provides a forum for policy makers and addiction experts from across the state to examine policy that will improve the health and welfare of Tennesseans who suffer from substance use disorder.

The SMART Policy Network will provide user-friendly and accessible data visualizations on substance misuse prevention, treatment and recovery metrics for Tennessee communities, as well as other related indicators and resources.

Action Areas


In addition, the network intends to provide evidence to communities and decision makers on best practices, including case studies and policy choices of other localities. These briefings may be in the form of written reports, directed consultations or discussions, or as presentations in public forums. The network aims to become a valued resource for data-driven, evidence-based, non-partisan and actionable policy information on substance misuse and addiction for the State of Tennessee.


If you have areas SMART should explore, including research findings, scientific information or data, please let us know: